JOURS D'ÉTÉ | Your Wardrobe Just Got So Much Better.

If you're about to read this blog... Obviously, you have great taste. 

Here is why your wardrobe just got so much better. 

JOURS D'ÉTÉ : AKA, Summer Days' is what we are all about this spring/summer. We wanted to create essential pieces that will complement each and every spring/summer moment. 

JOURS D'ÉTÉ collection is our way of introducing genderless fashion to our brand. We have two different categories; Unisex - Women. Gender boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred in the fashion industry, with new generations showing a growing interest in genderless clothing. The trend wasn’t new to 2020, but it certainly gained momentum, especially with global stars like Harry Styles banishing notions of gender from their wardrobes. From it-bags and shoes to coats and shirts, here are the unisex ready-to-wear pieces that are riding high in the fashion world right now. This is why our first drop in the unisex ready-to-wear pieces is four colors only, colors that we thought are essential to every wardrobe and to every gender; Black, White, Grey & Navy Blue. Offering 100% Egyptian Cotton T-shirts + Shorts - Giving you a comfortable, sexy & effortless look. As for our Women collection, we wanted to give our ladies what they love. Who doesn't love a cropped t-shirt on a morning walk to the beach? or a hot-short on a sunny day while you walk your dog. We introduced Cropped T-shirts & Hot-Shorts, the essential & meaningful items is what makes an outfit an outfit.

With love, KIJAQO. 

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